Steppe Nomads Tourist Camp is Mongolian Ecotourism Destination                                                                                     




Steppe Nomads

GUN-GALUUT Location: Steppe Nomads Tourist resort

Gun-Galuut is a locally protected area with important natural, historical and cultural significance. It has been under the special protection since 2003 and has been successfully implementing projects for the protection of wild - life and community-based tourism and has now become distinguished eco - tourism destination in the Mongolian tourism industry.
Steppe Nomads camp is located in the territory of Bayandelger soum, Tuv Province (N 470 36’ 20’’, E 1080 23’ 52’’), 130 km east or 2-hour drive from Ulaanbaatar and 21 km south from Baganuur city.

Steppe Nomads is the only camp in Gun-Galuut Nature reserve. The camp offers a combination of Western style and nomadic accommodations, 20 Mongolian tra[1]ditional yurts and 15 rooms in Western style townhouses. During summer months of May to October, the camp accommodates up to 110 guests while during winter months, up to 60 guests can be comfortably hosted.